Blog Assignment #2: Getting Started> Searching for Sources

My topic does not have a specific time frame because unfortunately the suicides off of the Golden Gate Bridge are still occurring and have been thirty on average since 2007, but the bridge has seen many tragic endings since its opening seventy-five years ago.[1] However, I was lucky to have found several different sources from both the present and the past about these events.  It is my intention to give you information about both and then compare them to one another in hopes that maybe we can figure out a common factor behind the suicides and possibly help San Francisco to put a stop to them.  If nothing else, I hope that this blog will at least make you more aware of the lives happening around you and cause you to pay more attention to detail, as they play an enormous role in the suicides occurring on The Golden Gate Bridge.

My go-to search engine, Google was my first stop to finding some information on The Golden Gate Bridge suicides and surprisingly helped me find a few reliable sources about the suicide prevention organizations and the bridge railway foundation.  I also found a few stories of specific suicides and their backgrounds.  I gathered quite a bit of information in just three websites and feel very successful in my search, but I did not stop there.  I went on to search for my sources on the CSUEB library website and tried using some of their search engines.  Historical Abstracts was of no help, but luckily JSTOR saved the day giving me some sources that are a little more in the past so that I may be able to compare and contrast the suicides from the past twenty to thirty years with those of the present happening in the twenty-first century.

Some thing I learned while researching this topic was how much I just did not know about this bridge and attraction it has for a wide variety of people.  But I want to learn more.  I want to know why The Golden Gate Bridge?  Why the side facing the city?  Why now? Why at all?  Why?  These questions and more I have yet to find answers to.  Some I may never know for certain, but I plan on getting to the bottom of every single detail; analyzing each event so that I may better understand and know what some of these questions mean.

I think that I have a good start on acquiring my source information, but I do intend on continuing my search as the blog develops further throughout the course.  Unraveling these mysterious and heartbreaking events has become something that I feel I have to do.  I need to know what drives them and how it can be fixed.  Depression is real and it can only get better when people start caring and reaching out.  I hope that my blog does that for someone.



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End Notes

[1] William, “Golden Gate Bridge suicides again top 30 deaths in 2012”


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